Our Story

Veteran family owned and operated WWI/WWII era themed cafe. Sarah (USN) and Dan (USMC) met while stationed together at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in 1993. They met in the weight room of the base gym and would build their friendship over the common bond of lifting weights. As duty goes, they would end up stationed apart and lose contact. Fast forward a few years and their paths would cross again. At first, strictly in the context of friendship - however, that would continue to grow as they both realized they complimented each other perfectly. Presently, the most friction you will see from them is a typical Navy vs. Marine Corps rivalry.

Part of the adventure that Sarah brought into the relationship was her twin sons, Dedrik and Tre. Both boys have Autism, sensory integration issues, and a Brain Trauma Injury (fetal development) called Leukoencephalopathy, among other diagnoses. These little hiccups make both boys wonderfully unique. Every day is an adventure. 

Dan and Sarah are guiding the boys to work in the cafe and learn the business. The overall goal is that the boys will hopefully be able to take over and operate the business on their own. At minimum, Sarah believes that keeping the boys positively engaged in the community is the best way to contribute to the boys' healthy mental balance. 

Why the WWI/WWII theme? In a region that is saturated with Civil War history, it is important to remember others who sacrificed and helped to shape our country and culture.

Sarah was predominantly raised by her paternal grandparents (Ed and Lois Shafer). The music they most preferred was Big Band, Swing, and Early Jazz. It became a natural selection to use this music to set the tone of the café.  James Shafer, older brother of Ed, was an Army Air Corps pilot during WWII. He trained in the PT-17 Boeing Stearman, the T6 Texan, and the Bt-13 Vultee.  After that, he spent his time in the cockpits of the B25 Mitchell and P61 Black Widow. Sarah and her Great Uncle Jim spent quite a bit of time together during the last year of his life.

Major James C.F. Shafer was the father of Ed and James, and Sarah’s Great Grandfather.  He served in the US Army as a Battalion Commander with American Expeditionary Forces during WWI.  He saw combat in San Mihiel, Muese-Argonne, and was active at Les Sartelles.

The café’s décor is pulled from stories, photos, and relics of Soldiers and Sailors of the two World Wars as a means to both honor and educate. The Hometown Heroes wall focuses on local residents who served.